Melon Survival Map

Melon Survival Map Minecraft 1024x576 Melon Survival Map

Melon Survival is made using the More World Types mod. It’s a Melon world generated using that mod, but with a few extra things to get you started and a massive list of challenges to test your skills. It even comes with it’s own texture pack! The map starts you off in a flat, circular area with a single tree in the middle to start you off with some wood. From there, you can climb out into the tasty world of melons that awaits you.

[spoiler title="Challenges" open="0" style="1"]
  1. Craft a bucket
  2. Build a cobblestone generator
  3. Build a melon house by your second minecraft day
  4. Find 3 hidden chests
  5. Craft a bed
  6. Make a wheat farm
  7. Make a pumpkin farm (you must to find it first!)
  8. Make a sugarcane farm
  9. Make a cactus farm
  10. Go to the Nether
  11. Find the grass
  12. Find all the animals
  13. Make a farm of Pigs/Cows (choose!)
  14. Tame all the wolves
  15. Catch 10 fish
  16. Craft 5 books
  17. Craft a painting
  18. Find the secret zone
  19. Find at least 2 underground lava lakes
  20. Find the mob spawners
  21. Build a monster trap
  22. Make a snow golem
  23. Find the ancient library
  24. Find the abandoned mineshaft
  25. Find/Craft 12 eyes of ender
  26. Optional: Don’t eat melons (HARDCORE!)
  27. Optional: Go to the End and defeat the Ender Dragon

Download – Melon Survival Map

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