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Trail Mix Mod for Minecraft

Trail Mix Mod Minecraft Trail Mix Mod for Minecraft

The first and most important thing to know about this mod is that it adds a food called ‘Trail Mix’ to the game. This Trail Mix grants players a number of zany abilities, including:

  • Super Punch (comes complete with crazy cartoonish explosion effects)
  • Super Speed (usable without sprinting)
  • The ability to launch fireballs with a press of the middle mouse button
  • Fall dampening ability, which is useful when rocket jumping or when falling from high altitudes

But one of the more entertaining parts about Trail Mix is what happens when you give it to pigs. Pigs will:

  • Be granted the ‘high power flatulence ability’, which lets them launch into the air
  • Start banging their head excessively
  • Collide into objects with an explosive nature
  • Have a 50% chance of snagging a zombie as a rider

Download – Trail Mix Mod

Diamond Meter Mod for Minecraft

diamond meter mod Diamond Meter Mod for Minecraft

Diamond Meter is a device that, when held in your quick-bar, will indicate if there is any diamond ore near to you. Cause lets just admit it, all of us have better things to do than strip mine the bottom 10 layers of your world, looking for diamonds.

To use this tool, simply have it on you while walking around in the bottom layers of the overworld. It will change colors based on how close you are to diamond ore. It is best to keep it in your quick-bar, but it will update as long as it is in your inventory.

Download – Diamond Meter Mod

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Xie’s Mods for Minecraft

xies mods minecraft Xie’s Mods for Minecraft

Xie is one of the Minecraft community’s most prolific modders. He is responsible for over a dozen different mods of all shapes and sizes. Many mods center around the Minecraft farming system, although others simply add new items and weapons to the game or enhance gameplay in other ways.

Content Downloads:

Default Farming Content: This mod adds new classic farming content like fruit trees, tomatoes, corn, cotton, and hybrid wheat. It also adds completely new content like soy beans, tofu, tea, ketchup, cocoa trees, rose bushes, bottled milk, and even burritos.

Cylan’s Default Farming Content: This is a re-textured version of the Default Farming Content mod. It’s better organized than the original mod and players can easily modify or disable any items that they don’t want to use.

Classic Farming Content: The Default Farming Content mod, listed above, adds ‘classic’ and new items to the Minecraft world. If you want to skip the new items like ketchup, tacos, and burritos, then you can simply download the Classic Farming Content, which includes more traditional items like fruit trees and tomatoes.

Weapons: This aptly-named mod adds a few new swords and bows to the game. But the shining jewel of this mod is a fully automatic Redstone Crossbow, which is just as awesome as it sounds.

Survival Tweaks: This mod is actually a small collection of mods that change the way Survival mode works. Players now have access to tools like a Survival Pickaxe and can smelt gravel to flint and make fences from sticks. Wood and stone tools have been nerfed to prevent players from farming ore too early in the game. That means players will have to explore their world thoroughly in order to find the iron they need to build more powerful weapons and tools.

Boxing Fists: Boxing Fists helps Minecraft players unlock their dream of becoming a boxer in the Minecraft world. It essentially adds firsts as a new type of weapon to the game, which allows players to roleplay as a monk class or just run around the world punching things.

Better Logs: Perhaps the smallest and most insignificant mod in the Xie’s Mods collection, Better Logs “adds a slight tint to log ends” and stains the wood, which slightly alters the appearance of different types of wood.

Download – Xi’es Mods

Factorization Mod for Minecraft

Factorization Mod Minecraft Factorization Mod for Minecraft

This mod adds many machines for processing ore and crafting. It also has a few other useful things. The latest update brings electric Charge.

Here are a few other notable adds included with the Factorization Mod:

  • The Packager: This automatic machine is powered by redstone and will create items that don’t require a formation, like bricks and metal storage blocks. The Packer crafts a 3×3 or 2×2 grid filled with whatever item you put into the device.
  • The Maker: The Maker is fueled by paper and is more precise than The Packager. Instead of shoving items into the machine and putting them anywhere in the 3×3 or 2×2 grid, The Maker allows players to input exactly where they want their components to go. Just like other machines included in the Factorization Mod, The Maker is powered by redstone and can be completely automated.
  • The Slag Furnace: The Slag Furnace uses twice as much ore as the standard furnace included in vanilla Minecraft. However, it has one extra output slot and it will sometimes produce two ingots instead of one.
  • Charge System: The Charge system is the Factorization Mod’s name for electricity. Charge involves using batteries, wires, magnets, and insulated coils to power various machines. Electricity is gathered using solar panels and players can concentrate the power of their electrical grid using mirrors. Wires can also be run up walls, opening the door for players to create some remarkable machines.

Download – Factorization Mod